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AWAC Hatz Cookie Policy

Pixel tags and cookies

When you visit our site, AWAC Hatz collects data from your browser, which may include personal information. We gather this data through a variety of techniques, including cookies and pixel tags. Which will include the following:

  1. IP address.

  2. Unique cookie identifier, cookie information, and knowledge of whether your device has software to access particular features. 

  3. Unique device identifier and device type.

  4. Domain, browser type and language.

  5. Operating system. 

  6. Country and time zone. 

  7. Previously visited websites. 

  8. Knowledge of your interaction with our sites, such as click behavior, purchases, and indicated preferences. 

  9. Access to third-party services.

Through widgets, third-party plug-ins, and cookies, third parties may also gather information via websites. These third parties directly gather data from your web browser, and the way they process it is governed by their respective privacy rules.

To monitor how our customers use the websites and to better understand their preferences, we utilize cookies and pixel tags (such as country and language choices). This makes it possible for us to serve our clients better and enhance their online experience. In order to better our sites, we also collect statistics and aggregate information on user behavior and site traffic using cookies and pixel tags. 

Three sorts of cookies are often utilized on our sites:


These cookies are always enabled since they are necessary for the fundamental operation of the site. Cookies that enable us to remember you when you browse our sites during a single session or, at your request, from session to session fall under this category. Along with facilitating the checkout and shopping bag processes, they also support security concerns and legal compliance.


By tracking usage, these cookies help us make our sites more functional. These cookies enable us to remember your chosen site preferences and in some cases speed up the processing of your request. Refusing certain cookies might cause sluggish site performance and poorly personalized recommendations.

Advertising and social media: 

Social media cookies give you the option to connect to your social networks and share content from our sites on them. Third-party advertising cookies gather data to better target ads to your interests both on and off our sites. These cookies occasionally process your personal information. If you reject certain cookies, you might see less relevant advertising, have trouble connecting to Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks, and/or be unable to share information on those networks.

We advise installing a web browser plugin made for this purpose if you want a thorough and current list of all third parties accessing your web browser. Additionally, you have the option of having your computer notify you each time a cookie is received or disabling all cookies altogether. On each browser and device you use, you can adjust this through the options menu. Because each browser is a little bit different, check the Help menu to find out how to properly edit your cookies. Some of our services won't work correctly if you disable cookies since you won't have access to numerous features that improve the functionality of our websites and mobile applications.

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